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Verizon fios modem question "pci compliance" business class


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Has any ran into this before. The owner wanted to save money. He is switching to verizion fios. I am getting 5 static ip addresses for his bar. One of them has to have certain ports ports 21, 3306, 8080, 80,25,443,135,4000,1035 on one subnet. Can I create a dmz and open ports for the one subnet for a piece of software/awesome network appliance I use.

one is for my point of sale the usual point of sale lock down security.

one is going to be for an access point.

For pci compiance i need one subnet locked down. Can this be done.

Connect a 3 routers to the actiontec box. Connect a 3 switches to the actiontec box. Use a managed switch that supports multiple vlans connected to the actiontec box. One vlan conected to each subnet on the actiontec box. 3 vlans vlan one to port one on the fios box box vlan 2 to port 2 on fios box vlan 3 on port 3 fios box.

Am I even close to any thing that will work.

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How is it going over there at the bar?

I don't know your situation, or the bar but using vlans and 5 static ips seems overkill for a bar setup.

Your modem should have several ethernet ports in the back, each can be a separate subnet. If not, connect to an unmanaged switch to break out your ips.

If you need to separate everything,

1)Static IP --> Router --> POS system (DHCP Internally). Open ports as needed.

2)Static IP --> Wireless Router for public use (DHCP Internally).

3)Static IP --> Router with all your open ports, or if a camera system connect direct to modem.

You can really get away with DCHP service from FiOS, dyndns, a router with guest wifi separation, and port forwarding.

But again, I don't know your exact situation and I need to read up on pci compliance.

Those ports you mention seem odd to me, especially 135.

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