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changing the working frequency of the pineapple


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I'd like to have info concerning the frequency generator of the pineapple (is it a simple "multiplied" local oscillator like WRT54Gxx, is it a more sophisticated DDS, where could I download the schematic of the router). In other words, how is frequency driven the pineapple and how could it be hacked

Thus for a simple reason : The output power of the Pineapple is perfect for what I intend to do, but I need to change it's working frequency far lower than the first channel.

To avoid answers "out of the subject" (concerning FCC regulation and other things like that), I should precise that this hack is totally legual in my country (France, Region 1) and with my radio licence class.

the purpose of this hack is to use the pineapple in a ham radio Hamnet mesh network. Most of the hackable routers we can buy in Europe have a far lower output power



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A big Thank to all of you.

And particularly 0fj5. The chipset allows us to use an external clk beating @ 25 or 40 MHz, but very few infos could be gessed about what's happening "Inside". It don't seems to be a simple multiplier (as 40 Megs is definitely not an overtone of 20 MHz ;- )) ).

Anyway, I think it's Worth trying. If I don't suceed, I'll stil have a nice pentesting base or a good mesh node

Tnks again to all of you


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