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Wall wart failure


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Anyone else (in Europe) experienced any problems with the wall wart for the Pineapple Mark V?

After flashing and rebooting the pineapple I suddenly got some sound effects from my Pineapple, more precisely, the wall wart. This was accompanied by the delicious smell of blue smoke. I measured output with a multimeter, it's definitely dead.

I tried the contact forms on the hakshop, to no avail. So I opened up the wall wart. Looks like the frequency converter cracked somehow.

How is this possible? All other devices plugged into the same extension are fine.

What are the odds my pineapple is fried? (I don't have a similar wall wart laying around to test this right now)

Could I just replace this one chip or would that be too optimistic?



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Almost every single "Wall Wart" used in my house is compatible with the pineapple. Must between 5v-12v DC, and center positive, and of course fit in the hole. Check your cordless phones to see if you could find one to try to get the pineapple running.

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Small update.

I ordered a new power supply from a local supplier that had identical specs to the one delivered with the Pineapple. I'm glad to see the Pineapple came unharmed out of this adventure.

The reason why I didn't want to try any other power supply, given that I could find one in my possession with the same plug on it; is that I didn't want to end up thinking that the Pineapple was broken if it just didn't have enough juice to get started.

I also didn't want to go through the hassle of sending everything back for an exchange if it was only a faulty power supply. And due to the fact that I opened up the power supply after that I initially didn't get any response from support probably meant that 'warranty was voided'.

I was contacted however after I posted the initial message. So if you needed support ad you didn't get any mail back, it might be you didn't wait long enough (or you didn't post your problem on the forum yet :-) )

thanks for the help anyway

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