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Unbricking help?


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Short story:

I portscanned my Mark V. This killed the wifi driver. Rebooted, everything seems ok, but the blue light is on permanently. This seemed wrong, so I went through the unbricking procedure, here: https://wifipineapple.com/index.php?flashing , figuring I may as well test that out before I'm on site.

I get as far as writing the new update.bin to the provided SD card and inserting it, but when I reset the DIPS and reboot, the Mark V goes into a power cycle forever. I've verified everything's MD5, and at the end, I get a solid green light, all lights, amber off, blue off, red off (about 1-2 seconds between each) and then back to green (power cycle -- I can tell b/c the wired connection drops briefly).

This appears to go on forever. I'll leave it on overnight and see if it clears up. I've also tried the DIPS settings described on Page 18 of the book, no change in behavior.

I will buy a new SD card in the morning and try fresh, but right now, this is pretty frustrating, since i have an assessment at the end of next week and I'd like to use this guy. I'll also try copying from Windows to the SD card (I'm on Linux now).

-todb | https://twitter.com/todb

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Bought a new SanDisk SD card, used a Windows machine to download and transfer the stager.bin and update.bin and md5, tried both 1.0.4 and 1.0.0, and still appear to have the same results: power up, red/blue/amber (and green), amber flashes a couple times, then off. blue goes off. Red stays lit.

Tried also booting in 10011 recovery, no dice. The only DIPS config that appears to work is 11110, whereupon I upload stager.bin, hit flash, wait, then reboot and reset DIPS to 11111 (also tried DIPS 11111 and /then/ reboot by power cycle).

Looks like portscanning WifiPineapples is an effective way to destroy them.

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I highly doubt portscanning did anything to the WiFi Pineapple MKV. It would have been a coincidence.

Portscanning definitely doesn't kill or affect the WiFi driver.

If you tried flashing over the recovery interface, and then booted with ALL switches in the UP position and it still doesn't work, please contact shop@hak5.org.

Best regards,


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