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Updated: Weird Laptop Power/Battery issue.


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Hello Forum,

After many moons in IT, I can honestly say this is the first time I have seen this. I thought I would bounce it around the forums before ordering a new battery which may or may not be the issue. I am working with a Toshiba Satellite p875-s7310. Fairly new, nice laptop. Since the community here is pretty technical, I'll just get to the point without a lot of background and fluff.

1. The laptop will NOT boot on battery power only, the AC adapter must be plugged in. I press the power button, power button light comes on for half a second, clicks off. No Toshiba splashscreen, nothing. Press, click/flash, black.

2. Once booted on AC power, the battery shows in Windows or Ubuntu as being fully charged.

3. Here is the part that makes this not an insta-solve. Once the laptop is powered on, I can remove the AC power and everything works fine for as many hours as the battery indicated, usually up to 5. Also I can reboot just fine, just not cold boot.

I have never seen this before. The laptop runs fine ON battery power. It just will not start on battery power. Its like a car that won't start without a jump and that jump is AC.




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It sounds like the battery isn't correctly reporting its charge to the laptop (or the laptop isn't reading it correctly). Have you tried recalibrating the battery? If not then it is worth a try, just charge it up to full then let the battery run down all the way, then charge it back up again. That should be enough for the battery's chips to recalibrating themselves.

If that doesn't help then you could try updating your BIOS and see if it is a bug in that. Failing those solving the problem then I suspect that you are back to replacing the battery.

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Like your post said. the battery did his job it worked the time it indicated in windows/linux. Wich would indicate the loader circuit/motherboard to be the problem.

Most company's place this on the main board. Only seen a few that placed them on the battery. If the laptop is under warranty just send it in. Most likely there gone replace the motherboard. If not then your unlucky. Where i work, we seen it a few times.

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