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Skyjack module? Deauth & Hijack Ar.Drones

Darren Kitchen

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Well I know the perl script and all of the aircrack magic should work no problem. I really don't care to fly the drones - maybe just send a command to say "turn off motors" and have 'em fall out of the sky. Then we could strap a MK5 to a DJI Phantom and have it pwn the AR.Drone. Do I hear a segment coming on? Just need to find an alternative to the node interface program.

...Off to read the AR.Drone control protocol :)

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Seems the AR.Drone has a default IP address of and listens for UDP instruction packets on port 5556. Each UDP packet has an incremented sequence number. Should simply be a matter of sniffing one and doing a replay attack. There seem to be a bunch of built in commands for taking off, hovering and landing in the SDK. I'm feeling pretty good about this.

If the version of netcat on the MK5 support the -u option for UDP this should be fairly simple.

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