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wireless interception


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high guys i just found out there are heaps of wireless networks close to my house but they are all secured or inaccessable. how can i use my comp to intercept password or login details to gain access or is ther an easier method of gaining access?

tahnx for any tips u may b able to provide

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OKay well you should be a bit more detailed with your posts and show that you have done a little research before you post questions. This also prob falls under how-to hacking posts you really need to read the rules first


But all that aside I will give you a few pointers. Check this out and use Google it is your best friend. http://www.aircrack-ng.org Aircrack is a wonderful tool to use to do a pen test on your own wireless networks. Cracking other peoples wireless networks is illegal and is not encouraged here at Hak.5 I would suggest you re think your approach here before you get yourself in trouble.

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A Thunder Kitten might strike.......

Anyway, when auditing YOUR OWN network, remember that WEP is very insecure (not because of RC4, but because of implementaion), and some readilly accessable tools (live security distros like Knoppix-std and Whoppix include them) can crack web with little effort. You may even find flash videos on how to do this..... *cough*backtrack*cough**cough*

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