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Building a Laptop


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I have never built a laptop or desktop and would like to build myself a laptop. I have no experience in searching out equipment for this type of project. It will be used mostly for gaming. I have already been told a desktop is much better for gaming then a laptop but I want it to be able to go where I go and be able to sit in bed or wherever I want with it without moving everything around.

I've google'd and have found nothing for the barebones kits, it sent me to "tigerdirect" and "newegg" but all that was shown was desktop kits. Trying to do this so I can build with the specs I want without paying the extra for name brands, so am trying to spend on the cheaper. Any help and as much advise as I could get would be amazing.

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Hi there,

Its totally possible but I would not advise it myself. You can buy "Barebones Kits" but you will be limited to what you can put inside. I'm pretty sure there aren't any formal laptop motherboard form factor standards like in the PC world i.e ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ATX etc.

The components going inside the laptop would have to be specific so that everything fits.

Like I said at the top, its possible but thats the kind of thing Ben Heck and others would be doing, not the average joe.

I hope that helps, Good luck.

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Yea the fitting everything together correctly is what I'm worried about, finding the right parts to go with eachother. I think a good deal of research will go into the parts search and pricing before I begin buying anything. Don't want to end up spending more on repairing my mess-ups then what I would have just spent buying a laptop outright.

Thank you for the good luck, probably really going to need it.

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