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No Internet Sharing with Static IP


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Hi guys,

I have a little problem that had me scratching my head for a while now.

I am connecting to the pineapple through the eth0 interface of my PC using the wp5.sh script to setup the internet sharing.

When I use the standard settings (PC IP everything is fine. But when I try to change the PC IP to the static IP I loose the internet sharing. I know is outside the dhcp ip allocation range, so maybe this is linked to the problem.

Has anyone an idea why I loose internet sharing with the PC IP and how I can solve that ?

Thankx in advance


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If you ssh to your Mk5 and check the route table (`route -n`) you will see that by default it's got a gateway route for If you want to change the IP of your PC's IP and have the Internet continue to work for your Mk5 you will need to update the route table to point to the new gateway address.

# route del default gw

# route add default gw

Also make sure that /etc/resolv.conf points to some actual DNS servers (or to your PC) so you can resolve domain names.

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