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Multiple payloads...one menu


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Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and just recently bought a usb rubber ducky and a wifi pineapple mark v, I just recently flashed my ducky to the twin duck. I read about having the ducky run multiple payloads, i was wondering if it is possible to have a ducky have the multiple payloads but when you plug it in rather than it running the payloads right away a command prompt opens and allows you to select what payload you want to run.

for example i plug it in and cmd pops up :

1. hello world

2. cd tray eject spam

3. shut down pc

4. create user account w/ admin privileges

What pay load would you like to initiate?...._

if this is possible how could i go about doing this?

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The only way i see this is possible is to have a payload (binary) written in VBA (or whatever) that presents the menu and executes a given (binary, not ducky-script) payload.

All you have to do is point the twin-duck ducky-script to your custom binary on the sd-card.

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I always felt that the point of the USB Rubber Ducky was to allow the attacker to inject software discretely - without having to touch the machine itself.

That said, if you want to do the above then

At design time you could

write and compile a number of individual scripts to do each individual task (as separate bin files), save them to separate folders on your SD Card.

write some code to 'copy con' a .bat file to the target machine.

The .bat file would echo the options to the user, wait for the user's response and execute the appropriate bin file.

Your inject.bin would run the .bat file.

Your .bat file would execute the selected task by calling the appropriate bin file.

Just thinking aloud . . . .

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