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Bluesnarfing with the ducky?


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Do you all remember that bit of code Darren wrote for sharing a laptop's files away via WIFI? Well, can't we do the same thing with bluetooth? Theoretically we could leave a cheap bluetooth connector plugged into the back of a desktop computer, and wirelessly share it's C: drive. Has anybody in this forum ever connected two computers via bluetooth? What kind of connectors would I buy to experiment with this? I would prefer somewhat cheap ones, since we don't want to leave expensive gear lying around at the target's premises (spell check). Also, will this connector prompt every time we want to connect? I hope not.

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Unfortinatly you would have to eithere be previously paired with this computer or have acces to it when you want to conect to it but blue tooth is short range only so wifi is an better option.

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Yes, it is a better option, but not viable for desktop computers. The idea is to use a ducky to set up the bluetooth connection in an automated fashion. I am just asking questions here so I can gauge possible problems before actually buying anything. You're probably right that this is not a good idea but humor me a little while. Is there any reason it can not work?

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