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[Encoder] Canadian french keyboard "ca.properties"


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I had some problem when I receive my Rubber Ducky. All keyboard properties won't fit my keyboard and many others so I take a day to do this, a canadian french keyboard.properties. I hope it will be usefull.

Just not reconize 1 key, so you cannot use these 3 characters : « ° »

I don't think it very important, but if someone want to upgrade it or revise it to make this characters work, as you want.

To add this properties to your Ducky, download and extract to the same folder as encoder.jar. To encode your ducky you need the next line:

java -jar encoder.jar -i yourfile.txt -o inject.bin -l ca.properties

The ca.properties must be in the same folder as encoder.jar or change "-l ca.properties" for this "-l path\to\folder\ca.properties

D4rk F1r3


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