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Pineapple gets fairly hot in the traveling case, should I be concerned?


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I was doing some totally legal mobile pentesting the other day for several hours and noticed that my pineapple gets pretty hot when inside the zipped up carrying bag. I know that routers in general should have good ventilation to avoid hardware damage, so I was a little worried that the Pineapple might not be getting enough fresh air in there. What do you think? Is it worth being concerned over?

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Hmmm, will have to try and repeat this test with a cheap thermal camera (http://www.rhworkshop.com). To see how hot this baby gets!

What were your timings approximately, a assume you were using the Juice?

Average operating temperatures are usually up to 40 C (104 F), maybe 10 degrees more, then your generally pushing it.

Unless anyone has any other input?

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I did an entire day in the sun running the MK5 in the travel bag at the happiest place on Earth with no problem. Sure it gets hot, but it's well within the thermal limits of those chips.

(also FWIW, over 60k probes) ;-)

This makes me feel a lot better, I was actually thinking of adding a thermometer to my new setup for shiggles. Gonna be toasty...

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