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Podcast setup!


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Right guys wonder if i can have your assitance, i want to start my own podcast station up and well i need the setup :oops: , so i was just wondering if you guys could help me out in finding the cheapest solution, but yet still have decent quality. I Would go about looking for myself but i have no idea about audio equipment so i dont want to be taken for the ride of my life so to speak.

heres a list of things i think i need

  • Microphones x 3

Microphone mixer x1

and Depending on the types of microphones 3 stand

If you guys think of owt else i need or can suggest better things to use please be my gusest i really dont want to spend no more the £50

thanks Fblade

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For £50 you are really going to get nothing. 3 Logitech desktop microphones, which will have mini-jacks on the end, so maybe a combining adapter to bring that into one computer? Or a bunch of adaptors to make them 1/4", then into a mixer that isn't really a mixer (ie. not made by Mackie, Yamaha, tapco or whatever), something a bit like this.

For £50 you're not going to sound that great.

http://www.podcastrigs.com/ is a good site. But you're looking below the entry level, but it might have some ideas.

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