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New Android freshman


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Hey gang!

Ok so I'm a total Freshman.... I traded in my iPhone 5 for a Samsung Note 3. my VERY first Android phone ever. Any tips or anything I need to download ? B)

Well if you decide to unlock and root your phone I would install CM 10 totally up to you. BTW if you do any flashing make sure you make a backup of your original rom on your Note3.

I would recommend you get quickpik for your photos and if you get on IRC download andIRC. I use antennaPOD to download podcasts from hak5.

Make an account on the xda forums if you haven't already there will be a lot of information in those forums.

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play with you new android for a while and then if you want awesomeness in your android first thing is first root your android and install CWM to get a great recovery mode and the install custom ROM that u like just Google all the ROM and install the ROM that you like.

after that an App that I recommend is bcmon for doing WiFi hacking and other and dsploit......

but first play with your android phone for a while. :)

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