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Karma Log - detailed description?


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Hey all,

Loving my Pineapple and this community, it's been a great help passively reading posts.

I'm looking to get a better understanding of Karma, I can see there are many SSID probes which seem to go unanswered by the Pineapple, can someone detail out the process that's going on in a little more depth? Just trying to get a clear view of what's occurring,

Kind regards,


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Karma seems to have problems fooling devices sold or with updated firmware after mid 2012, i made a detailed thread about it, trying to help find a solution and but unfortunately I was not taken very seriously by the developers and was basicly ignored or hushed down even some acknowledged that Karma doent work anymore, thread was here :


but thread seems to have vanished from this forum.

Karma does listen and getting the probes, but security got better with wifi devices and they no longer connect to Karma-created ssid's, meaning the advertised main selling point of the wifi pineapple is void, rendering the device useless for most users.

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I doubt a lock or removal of content here helps users or developers, the point of a community is to help and interact with eachother, both users and the creators, a sensorship on honest and real questions about problems with a paid service or product serves no purpose here.

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hmmmm, i think im missing something. I also get allot of probe requests but I also get a crap load of connections, so many that i have thought about trying to work in a max number of clients allowed so as not to jam up my data to such a slow rate. Everything from iphones, laptops, desktops and androids. Karma works awesome for me.

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