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Pineapple mentioned by name by Palo Alto Networks


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"Jasager runs on any number of devices, but perhaps one of the most effective ways to employ it is on the Pineapple access point. The Pineapple is simply an access point with modified firmware that embeds a number of tools for wireless pen testing. It also has a number of accessories, such as support for 3G USB cards to provide network connectivity when it is otherwise unavailable at the target location and battery packs to operate as a standalone unit. It also is easily concealed, because it could be disguised within any number of housings typically found plugged in at the office."

::grins:: Quit a different mention than Kent Lawson's remark, "The Pineapple is a toy with no legitimate use." XD Thank you for sharing that rottingsun, enjoyed it. :)

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Just for some additional background, Palo Alto Networks is a firewall company started by Nir Zuk. It's up for debate who was the very first to come up with the tech, but Nir Zuk is widely reputed to be the guy who invented stateful packet inspection while working for Check Point Software. Stateful inspection is the tech that most all modern enterprise firewalls are based on. It's a huge compliment (in my humble opinion, at least) that a company like PAN mentioned the Pineapple by name.

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