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Kalipwn on android device's with Mark V


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Has anyone tried the pwnpad or kalipwnpad with the mark v. Seems we could get some amazingness pairing a nexus 7 or motorola xoom with our pineapples.

Just a thought and since we just recently had the motorola lapdock from the atrix i thought i mentioned it here.

It seems to be a better alternativ then the raspberry pi as well

Hack all the things

Ps any info on a new segment or hangout on the mark 5?

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If anyone needs help turning a Nexus 7 (8/16/32gb) 1st Gen into a Kalipwn or Pwnpad, let me know. I can do a write up. The units are as low as $149.00 now.

Holla back at your boy

Sure! I got one not doing much right now. Would love to turn it into a hacking machine lol.

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lol jermain69, didnt know he updated his post. Think you could hook up a youtube video of it being done on the old one? That would be sweet man.

Have you gotten the Nexus 7 2013 to work with Kali/Pwnpad ? I know they (PwnPad) will be coming out with a newer version December 13th. By the specs shown its the newer Nexus 7, so Hopefully it'll help BinkyBear and Thedrizzler hook up the homebrew. Although you could always flash the community version to your nexus 7...but with the 2012 version there was still problems with a lot of tools.

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The First Word: MultiRom, homie. DL it. Love it.

Use that to alternate boot the kalipwn image (pwnpad is less cool). I was very impressed with kalipwn. everything WORKED PERFECTLY!

i love my nexus. i choose between 5 different roms on boot now.

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