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Unpeelable fresh pineapple


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I was a pineapple virgin until yesterday (and still haven't really gone

all the way).

I unpacked my new pineapple.

Followed the First Boot Setup.

Connected to ethernet port.

Set the password.

After "Continue" appeared,

supplied the password,

answered by the fruit with "Invalid username / password".

Followed the Factory Reset procedure ( up-down-down-up-up ).

Seemed to be successful.

Followed the First Boot Setup.

exactly the same result as first time.

Tried Web Recovery Interface ( up-up-up-up-down ).

(Suspect problems: not a normal-seeming boot sequence.

LEDs went to solid green and solid red in just a few seconds.)

Connected to ethernet port.

No DHCP response.

Configured computer as, gateway:

No response browsing to or

Configured computer as, gateway:

No response browsing to or

Tried Recovery Stager ( up-down-down-down-up ).

(Seemed like reasonable time for POST and self-test.)

Computer: goes to ~/redirect.php, but no further.

Browser responds at with previously seen login page.

Once again, "Invalid username / password".

I'm speculating that the MicroSD image might have a problem,

so I'm about to fetch the current firmware and try putting it on

another MicroSD.

All suggestions are welcome.

Is there something else I should know about?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the quick response Mr-Protocol.

https://wifipineapple.com/?flashing helped me find stager.bin, and I think it's where I

first came across the Recovery Web Interface, which sounds like it would be really neat.

But when I try to boot with DIPS up-up-up-up-down, the fruit is mute. LEDs are on

(solid green & solid red), but nobody's home, at or :1471 nor either

of those ports at

And I'm not yet seeing anything resembling either stager.bin or sd.bin on the microSD.

(I must be overlooking something embarrassingly obvious.)


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I formatted another MicroSD with an MBR partition map and an ext4 partition,

copied upgrade.bin and stager.bin to the root directory (everything 777—just

to curb other possible problems).

After another factory reset and first boot sequence, everything's great.

The MicroSD that came with it seems to be MBR/ext4, but not a file in sight.

(What was happenning while it acted like it was reflashing earlier?)

All my remaining questions aside, it's now a nice ripe pineapple.

Thanks again, Mr-P


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