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Java acting up - possibly a layer 8 issue /facepalm

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Hey all, This is my first post on the Hak5 so if im not providing enough info please let me know and i will add it in.


I'm runniing Kali linux just updated today ( VMware )

I'v updated Java to 7-45

As of now im limited to Simple Ducky ( great easy to use program ) it works perfect.

The problem that is across three OS's I have not been able to get duckencoder to work (OSX, MAC and Windows )

Windows cmd irritates me to much to keep trying.

Iv been bashing my head over Kali Linux getting it to work.

and the MAC for some reason just fails when i try to install the new Java - which is a separate monster in itself so i'll tackle that one later.

In Kali it was working one day...stopped working the next

now all i get is this ( refer to images ), and the commands are not copy and pasted so that is not the issue.

Iv ran the command while in the Java dir and elsewhere.

note: I'm not the most intelligent when it comes to this stuff, I have about 2 months of experience with Linux so please keep the bashing light lol

Thanks in advance, also - sorry if the file name offends anyone.




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Well, I certainly feel stupid - if you notice i was trying to run "duckencoder.jar" its called "duckencode.jar" super fail on my end BUT now im to a new issue.

Has anyone ran into this message? Anyone know how to fix?

again, Java is up to date


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That looks like it's probably another typo in your input, however the duckencode application should be giving you a better error message. If you can point me towards the source code, or failing that the jar file itself, I can audit the code and perhaps improve the error messages to be more meaningful.

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Well I hate to answer this way, but im a complete newb, i know how to find source code of a webpage but as far running a command that results in error and then trying to find the error, I think im miles from understanding that aspect.

my apology i took that screen shot before i finished editing the command to " java -jar duckencode.jar -i ~/Desktop/ball***.txt" after i ran that, I didn't see a little string showing that anything happened. A new line started so I assumed it still worked as normal and now there is "inject.bin" in the java dir.

If you want to school me a bit on finding the source code it would be appreciated, however im sure that's no 2 line explanation so if no that's fine to.

Thank you.

Overall my issue has been fixed

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