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military and government buy wifi pineapples?hmmm


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wassup fellas? i was super bored earlier and was reading random stuff in the hak shop while drueling over rubber duckies and stumbled upon "

"Request a Quote

Need something custom? Looking for a large quantity? We accept net-30 Purchase Orders. Discounts available for accredited educational institution, government, military and non-profit hackerspaces. Contact Us."

I'm just currious as to how the military or governtment would deploy the pineapple.How does everbody think they would apply, or use the pineapple?Espionage is understandable, maybe red-team pentesting? Just curious really. I hope to get some interesting input.


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  1. Research

    1. Testing equipment is not vulnerable to Pineapple attacks

  2. Testing equipment is not vulnerable to SSL attacks

Testing equipment is not vulnerable to usual WiFi attacks

Security Awareness Demonstrations (office / functions/ seminars)

I Read Your Email...

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The military and law enforcement would use the much in the same way anyone else would from legit testing, to full on attacking specific targets, ie: criminal networks, nation states, or other such. midnitesnake pretty much hit the nail on the head, but I think they would also be using them for deployment in the field against criminals and enemies, not just for internal house cleaning/testing.

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