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Do I have to have a wired connection for my MKV to work?


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I still have not been able to proceed past the first boot up. Just a blinking amber light......

Any other suggestions?

Would like to have this resolved :( ... Do I have to have a wired connection or just plug in the A/C adapter and let it run????

I using the office wifi which is password protected should I connect the ethernet cable to my computer?

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Yes, upon first boot you should wait a long long time for your firmware to load (blinking amber light). After that, reboot and connect an ethernet from the Pineapple to a laptop. Refer to the manual that came with your Pineapple. Bring up the admin panel in your browser at the super secret ip address specified in your Pineapple manual.

After you hook up with ethernet, then you can configure the Pineapple to connect to your office wifi. After connected to the wifi, you can connect to the admin panel from the wan side through wifi. Or, have the Pineapple advertise as an AP and connect to that directly.

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ok I will let it site over night then. That should have been enough time for the firmware to load.

Ihave read the manual and the sd card manual. Followed both to the T. It's simple plug in wait for the lights to blink red, blue and amber. Just seems to never get there.

Hmmm... You may have gotten a bad card. Maybe get the firmware image and write it to the card yourself? Shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes at most to load firmware on the Pineapple.

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If the amber light is just blinking in a steady manner for more than 2 minutes, take out the SD card and re-insert it. If after another minute it STILL just blinks amber, check the SD card using an SD card reader.

If it doesn't have any files on it, download this.

Extract those files (upgrade.bin, md5) onto the root of the SD card. Then power down your WiFi Pineapple MKV. Insert the SD card and power it back on. Wait for it to start flashing.

In case there ARE files on the SD card, wipe them and do the step above. Just in case.

Best Regards,


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