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sslstrip works just for https pages but blocks http pages


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I have teh MK5 and just started to use it I did all the updates.

No errors

I then installed the sslstip to the local device and it works I get all the https traffic in the log window but when I try like www.google.com on the pc that is logged into the wifi of the mk5 it will time out but if I change the address to https://www.google.com it works the page will load and the MK5 will log the traffic.

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Please try the following and report back:

Comment out lines 97 and line 98 of /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sslstrip/ServerConnection.py file by adding a "#" to the beginning of each line:

# elif (key.lower() == 'set-cookie'):

# self.client.responseHeaders.addRawHeader(key, value)

Do you still get the error after that?

I had the same problem with non https traffic. If you login via ssh, run sslstrip via command line and then attempt to surf, and you see errors - try the above solution posted by Garland in the 1.03 Firmware thread. Probably, try it regardless. it solved my problem.

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