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[Release] 1.0.2 - Codename: Fix it, Fix it, Fix it!


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Edit: 1.0.3 Has just been released to include SSLStrip 0.9 in the build.

Hey everyone,

Since the launch of the WiFi Pineapple MKV I have had people asking me to fix various things. All of the bug reports we got were important, but obviously we had to prioritize. 1.0.1 already fixed a number of serious issues and 1.0.2 builds on top of that. Plus, I got fed up with getting this sent to me. So I felt that I had to fix things quickly. So, here it is: 1.0.2!

Not only does the WiFi Pineapple MKV firmware version 1.0.2 come with all the latest system infusions already installed, but it also contains the following fixes:

  • Actually fix wireless radio switching after a reset.
  • Fixed SD card mounting and reliability. A lot.
  • Fixed a couple of small UI bugs, namely notifications and rel_dir variables.
  • Removed some python libraries causing issues
  • Added python openssl libraries.
Download: Over the air through the web-interface. (alternatively at https://wifipineapple.com?downloads)
MD5: e832bd6dcd99749d7d416efc24b7c206
Note: To flash this over the web-interface, please make sure your info tile is at version >= 1.4
As usual, please leave any feedback in this thread.
Bugs, suggestions can also (and should be) be left here.
We hope you enjoy this release!
-The WiFi Pineapple Team
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