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WIFI MKV stuck on amber blinking light for 4 hours?


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My Wifi mk5 is stuck on the blinking light amber light stage for hours now? It's still searching?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys

Amber light stage of what? What are you trying to do? A first boot? An update? A reflash? More info please. Maybe run us through the steps you did to get to the amber light flashing

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I am going to guess he was reflashing and the amber light blinking means it is searching for the two update files. I ran into this problem when I reflashed 1.0.1 earlier tonight. Took the sd card out. Formated it to fat32, put the two files on it, plugged it back into the MKV and the process picked them right up. For some reason, the files had been erased so....

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Opened the box followed the instructions. At first boot just searched for the update never got any further?

Any ideas?

so you never made it past first boot? did you try the recovery flash mentioned in my last post? perhaps try a different sd card as well?

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