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rootfs 98% full?

King Crimson

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-ash: can't create /etc/config/wireless: No space left on device
root@Pineapple:~# df .
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
rootfs 4224 4156 68 98% /

Thought i would try the "rm /etc/config/wireless && wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot" and got the above error message.

I haven't installed any infusions after the last reset so i am not sure what is taking up the space. Not sure what is safe to remove as well.

Going to peek around and see what i can find. No /etc/config/wireless can't be good. I think I see a reflash in my future. lol


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Ah, ok. Thank you (Alpha) Amylase ;) I will give that a try. I'm in the middle of trying to reflash it again. I put the two update files on the sd card using a utility that let me mount ext filesystem from windows but I think they are corrupted. I just get a steady red led when i try to boot back up with all switches in the up position. so.....going to install kali on my second hard drive and then try from there. But, like I said above. Got a test to be worrying about too.

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