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I just was watchin TV and saw an add for the new thing thats called dell connect. Its included with all new dells and allows customer service people to remotely access your screen and do suff for you on your computer. Couldn't this be a major security flaw? i mean like black hat things like deleting crucial files and such through remote access. What do you guys think.

PS - Not asking for the way to do this just some opinions, although it is amusing watching the massive flaming of people asking how to hack this or that...

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Well they're either using Windows Remote Desktop Protocol or some kind of custom VNC software I guess... to idiot-proof something is usually to make it insecure...

I don't actually know anything about it though so... meh...

Edit: If you let Dell customer support take remote control of a computer, don't piss them off, hope they've had a good day and get ready to pull the power cord out...

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From my expirence with computers and the general public, its probally a good idea, IF its managed and sercured properly. Having to talk someone threw a driver reinstall when they can't deal with right clicking on an icon is a nightmare, so having the ability to just tell them to accept the connection, and then do it for them in 30 seconds would be a bonus.

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