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World Now: On Your Side Alert: Warning about Wi-Fi Pineapple

King Crimson

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Don't know if anyone has come across this story from "World Now" , but here it is.


And another one featuring Darren.


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They're not entirely wrong, the whole point of the work we do and the products produced to hack is to educate and cause change, everyone should know what is insecure and how to protect themselves, I don't agree with everything in the article but Im not upset that it was written in fact publicity is good. I wish they would emphasize the white hats over the black hats but that's just the media, fear sells. If hard work and Good deeds sold papers the world would be a different place.

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New article but old topic, free unsecure wifi has always come with big risks and it's not exclusive to using a Pineapple. The article fails to mention that you could do the same thing with just about any ol' computer running free software off the internet with a much less than $50.

When I see articles like that, it's no different than saying "watch out, people can buy fruit knives at the stores and they could stab you if you don't watch out".

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