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Power Adapter Broken [HELP]


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So my Mark V has been cruising along well. I made up a USB to DC power cable, and used it twice just to see if it would bootup. I then used my power supply a couple times after.

However the other day i went to boot my pineapple up and it doesn't do anything, so i plugged it into the converter i made, at it works just fine. So i have come to the conclusion to adapter it came with is stuffed (and yes i did remove and replace my power plug adapter).

What should i do?


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What do you want to do? its a very common adapter im sure you have another one around the house not doing anything, my adapter went bad as well on the second week, i just got another one, no biggie.

I have a 12V 1.5 laying around, not sure if it will blow it. Happened to my mate with PoE, and if mine dies I'll be crazy mad.

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