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My microSD card can't format. Is this an issue?

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I had my Rubber Ducky for a while now. I understand that the supplied microSD card is FAT formatted but over time of formatting it (to FAT) I can't read or write from it. Windows tells me to format it but fails to. I tried every formatting method and can't find a solution. As of now I believe it's dead. I have a 8gb microsd(HC) but can't format it to FAT only FAT32. Can someone point me in the direction to a link to buy a FAT microSD card or help me out. Any reply is acceptable.

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I am having an issue with my Ducky as well at the moment, not that it won't read/write...it just won't actually be recognized as plugged in anylonger. The light is a solid Yellow, not sure if this is also a SD issue of not "ejecting" every time i was using it, and quickly pullng it out. I did flash firmware on it again to see if that would help, but it did not.

Nobody here has a Micro SD adapter either...maybe i get an answer on here before i go home and use the adapters i have there.


Nevermind, i got my issue resolved. reflashed firmware again, got the HID error, but installed driver pointing to \WINDOWS\INF and all is well again.


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