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Ethernet Connection to Pineapple Keeps Dropping

King Crimson

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I have ran into a bit of a problem. Was working fine but today, when I boot up the pineapple, I no longer see the slow flashing blue light. All lights begin blinking in no particular pattern and the pc keeps saying it's connecting and then says no cable is connected. I tried a factory reset but just get the green/blue led steady and red/amber leds flash indicating a flash is complete. For the reset, switches 2 and 3 are pushed down. Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you,


Addendum: I reflashed and all is well. Cheers :)

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meow.....I reflashed it per instructions that sebkinne sent me a link to.

Two questions.

Is factory reset safe now ?

ie: does it swap the wlan0 and wlan1, or whatever was happening ?

When this cat says he reflashed, does this mean factory reset?

Thanks you.

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