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Is a 2nd WiFi adapter required for wireless tether


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I searched on the forum but could not find the answer...

I want to use the Mark 4 with a wireless like to an access point to deliver Internet access (hence wireless tether). However, I could not fully understand the documentation provided with my Mark4 on that specific approach as it sounds like the Mark 4 can do this by itself... Now, my understanding is that the existing WiFi interface of the Mark 4 is already used for the Karma and the likes... How could it ALSO connect to my AP?

Doesn't this WiFi tether scenario require a 2nd WiFi adapter?

Thanks for your help and patience.


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Hey well what your asking is possible without the need for an external adapter. However if you still wish to use karma then I would suggest you get a 2nd wireless adapter. Usually people purchase the Alfa Awus036H or the NHA version.

So to answer your question.. Yes you will need a 2nd adapter in order to use karma as well as a wireless relay.

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Thank you for the quick reply.

Makes sense. Glad to get a confirmation my initial understanding was right.

I have a an Alfa AWUS051NH which I suspect works with a Mark 4.

Anyway, I will have to try it out.

Could this be one of the reason the new Mark5 seems to offer 2 WiFi interfaces, i.e. to support dual wireless setup (Karma + Tether)?

Thanks again!


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If you are using a 2nd wifi interface like an alfa, i suggest that you use a power supply that can produce 2A of current

i had problems with Alfa when i tethered it with my MKIV. the alfa does not blink = not working

At first i used an iphone charger as USB supply but it did not work, but i had power stability problems, the i saw that it only provide 0.5A of current, enough to power only 1 device

then i used a 3rd party charger that gives 2A current, both devices worked.

then i have a 3rd party battery pack (sorry i did not buy the battery pack from hak5). it has a 1A and 2A usb slot. i tried the 1A,bot did not work/intermitent

so i plugged into the 2A and both worked fine.

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