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I'm having an issue with connection on mark V

I've shared connection from my laptop though eth cable to mark V.

when i connect to mark v ap from any other device i can access internet, however I'm unable to reach internet from mark v its self, nothing pings, can't reach ssh relay

anyone knows what might be the issue?

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Things are different with the 5. Wlan0 and eth0 are bridged to lan. While Internet is usually brought in via wlan1 with client mode which is tied to wan. I'm not saying the old method is impossible but it's going to take some tweaking of the settings. The VM is a workable option, but I don't understand the need to use the eth0 for ICS when Client Mode works, unless there is a specific need for that configuration.

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I have never got client mode to work correctly on my MacBook without using kali in a vm but I don't mind that at all I almost always have a few vm's running anyway.

Personally I use ics from my laptop when I want to use wireshark and see the data live or when I'm just playing with setting and want to be connected when taking wireless up and down. But in general I like client mode when possible.

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