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Webinterface not reachable


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Hi guys,

I just unpacked my pineapple and started it up with the sd card in it (the one that was in the packet) this for updating the software as wanted.

The problem is that de pineapple isnt updating but gives me only the power en red light.

I read that the red light means that the upgradefile have a md5sum mismatch. the strange thing is that when i do a md5 check the file seems to be correct.
Question: do i need this update before i can go to the webinterface?... when i try to do, the webinterface isnt reachable at all.
what's working so far:

- ping from laptop to pineapple

- ssh to pineapple

- restore webinterface for firware

- ping from pineapple to google

I using a win7 machine (yes, i know : -) and my internet interface is sharing the connection with my lan (pineapple interface) where i configure the ip adres sub. and dns

Can anyone tell what i doing wrong?


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