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Client Mode not connecting properly?


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Hey guys,

just got my new WiFi Pineapple, installed the firmware without any issues, booted up the device, and I've run into a problem.

When I try to connect to a network I own and control using Client Mode, I get the right connecting message "Connection initiated. See below for connection details.", however the message down the bottom never changes, and remains "Not connected.. Refreshing in 10s.".

Neither of the Wlan lights turn on at any time during any of this either, but it does find the networks I want it to.

Two other things I have noticed, is that when I enable Wlan1, after a short while it disables itself (I'm not sure if this is intentional or not). And also, the unit is not putting out a wireless network for me to connect to, which is why I am using the ethernet cable at the moment.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Okay, a little bit of progress.

I did a recovery of the device, wiping everything. As a result, Wlan1 no longer disables itself. The unit now does put out a wireless network for me to connect to. However it still does not seem to successfully connect to another network, and the red light still does not come on.

I still continue to receive "Not connected.. Refreshing in 10s.".

I had a look in the syslog, but couldn't find anything obvious. I can post a log if it would help?

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Just to make sure - you have updated your network tile through the pineapple bar right?

It fixes an issue with encrypted access points.

Also, after a reset on version 1.0.0 - make sure to execute "wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot" over SSH to prevent other issues with your radios.

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