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Bootable usb


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Here you go,from a cmd.exe/command-prompt:

list disk <------ look for your USB
select disk X <-------determine X from the 'list disk' command above
create partition primary
select partition 1
format fs=fat32 <----- or use fs=ntfs
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I want to make my usb drive bootable. I tried it on google but nothing could be done. After some commands on command prompt i was still trying to do. Can one tell me the way how to make a usb drive bootable to boot the system. I want Windows 7

You can use RMPrepUSB to format it and make it bootable or install different bootloaders.

The website also has over 100 tutorials on bootable USB drives, including Easy2Boot, the new All-in-One USB multiboot solution. With it you can boot nearly anything just by copying over the ISO or payload files. For instance, on the same USB drive you can have:

1. Any number of linux Live CD ISOs (just copy over the ISO files)

2. At least 6 diferent types of linux live CD ISOs can be booted with persistence - all on the same USB drive

3. Any number of Windows Install ISOs

4. By adding Windows XP ISO (unmodified) you can install XP to most SCSI/RAID/AHCI/SATA systems because mass storage driver detection is automatic

5. Add Hirens boot cd and other utility ISOs, WinPE ISOs, memory test bin files, floppy disk images, etc. etc.

6. Change the background, menu headings, position, add menus, etc.

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