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Can a DSL Modem/Router connect to a wifi network?


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I am a complete noob to networking. Using a sagecom dsl modem/router, can I log into open wifi accounts? This particular modem/router can broadcast wifi, which gets me thinking that it can also connect to wifi. I have found no information for my query, so I figure I would ask you guys. Love the show BTW. Great info. :)

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Only way, is if it has the option to bridge to another network and they setup as a repeater or wireless bridge, or you can somehow mod the firmware to do something more like OpenWRT, DDWRT, etc, but that also depends on how many radios it has since your access to bounce off of this to get internet access from another hotspot might not work out as well as you would want depending on the equipment in the modem, which really is meant for you to use with your home ISP.

If you use a wifi adapter to connect to it though, thats what you're really going to want to use to connect to the other open wifi networks(if truly open and offering free wifi) and I would skip using the modem, and go straight with a USB adapter and maybe a higher gain antenna to reach other "open" networks you have permission to use. Permission the key word.

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