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Social Engineering Toolkit Update "Walkers"


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Hello, as many of you know, the new version of SET was released last week. However, I am running Kali Linux, and I haven't seen the update yet, even when using the Kali bleeding edge repos. I know I could download and build manually, but I've seen many posts advising against that in order to preserve Kali's updates. Is there a proper way to do this, or do I just need to wait a bit longer?

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I personally build most of my tools from source. It means you have the latest and you get a better understanding of how it works for when it inevitably breaks just at the critical moment.

Do it in its own directory and it shouldn't affect the copy of SET installed through Kali so you have both.

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Not knocking Kali either, but I think Rel1k also released something to build your own linux ISO's (Kali has one as well) to add your own selection of tools, so if you wanted to make something similar to BackTrack you could take a Debian base and pick the tools you want to add in and then go from there if you don't want to muck your Kali install up. That, or VM clone Kali and install the latest SET to a second instance. Kali now follows and is Linux file system compliant(and installs nearly everything where they would normally go in Linux vs BackTrack which put almost everything in /pentest), so I can see why some might say not to install them side by side or update manually, if the installer for something chooses default paths, and overwrites configs for previous installed programs, and breaks the other because of it, it becomes a mess to fix later. As far as I know SET is SVN ready though and you can install multiple instances of it, but don't quote me on that. Check with Dave first. He surely answer on Twitter or contact him at the trustedsec.com home site for SET.

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