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Char not found:ISO_8859_1_C2


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Hello there !

I'm beginning with my new ducky and for a payload I use the wmic command to get the letter of my USB key.

But when I encode it (using the french properties), I get this error : Char not found:ISO_8859_1_C2

Apparently it's the ^ symbol that is unknown... I say "apparently" because ISO_8859_1_C2 is related to  (not ^)

I've searched on google for this char and the only result I've found is from the german properties : //ISO_8859_1_C2 = CIRCUMFLEX_BITS = + KEY_A, MODIFIERKEY_SHIFT

and it's not even used in there...

Could somebody help me with that problem please ?

What should I add in my fr.properties to make it work ?

Thanks in advance


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What key presses do you make to get the ^ char?


Looking at https://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/trunk/Encoder/v2/resources/fr.properties = KEY_MINUS, MODIFIERKEY_RIGHT_ALT

are you using the language flag? " -l fr "???


java -jar encoder.jar -l fr -i input.txt -o inject.bin

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