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Question about sdcard flash procedure and md5 file


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Create an empty file and copy the string into it. Preferably you do this in Linux so that no extra characters are introduced. Just my advice.

Ohh and name it appropriately.

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Thanks. What I ended up doing was

execute bricked stager procedure

copy upgrade.bin to sd card

md5sum upgrade.bin

d9ca989ac9fa2855fbd38dcafee9c195 upgrade.bin

take the string only, as the command if redirected will be like string and filename

save it as filename MD5, it has to be uppercase


wait for flash success pattern


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I don't understand why people generate their own MD5 checksums. Doing that is pointless as it defeats the purpose - catching corruption of files.

I have updated the flashing guide and added ZIP files to the download section. Please use these instead of generating your own MD5 files. Simply extract the ZIP to the root of your SD card and you are set.\

Best Regards,


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