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besside-ng mon0 Interesting utility


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Cool little thing it gets automates getting handshakes and can be used to grab handshakes from other networks in the area at the same time. Can upload to a wpa server. I was just curious to find out if anyone else uses it. I thing every one is.

This all leads to a topic which I know little about distributed cpu power.

A good topic would be hacking with distributed cpu power. As I went to sleep I couldnt find a floyd or a dead tune to listen to.defcon 20 had something about hacking cloud or something. Put that on and went to sleep.

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Honestly I'd rather use aircack-ng suite even and just whip up a simple hash script. If anything goes awry I know where to check :)

It's worth looking into.

besside-ng IS part of the aircrack-ng suite. if your aircrack-ng install doesnt include it then you need to download the source and and compile it with the unstable extras features.

this is one tool that i like using on my android devices. less typing in the terminal on the phone. this and reaver.




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