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[Infusion Mark IV] Keylogger on MKV ?


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I wouldn't expect this to happen. Key logging is something that is done on a computer itself. Not over the wireless. However, there may be some way to do this with bluetooth keyboards. But other than that, it probably won't happen.

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as i understood the keylogger infusion found here:


is not released yet for pineapple mark5 and there's no estimation when it will be ready (i think its a killer feature).
can i create instead of the infusion a JS keylogger and redirect my device to a webpage with keylogging ability using the pineapple (DNS manipulation)?
for example there're few examples of JS keylogger on the net i could find:

can an HTML page be created that will log keys and send it to the pineapple instead of the infusion mentioned?

did someone was able to run a working example of such HTML page? and in particular running on mobile devices?

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