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DIP switches to choose wifi client


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I'd like to switch between different wifi hotspots depending where I am. I think the DIP switches are the easiest method. How do I get started there?

I believe I just need to get a copy of a specific config file for each hotspot. Then depending on which DIP switch combo I have, put the appropriate config file in place. I have the concept but don't have the details yet.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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I think the file you are going to want to change will be /etc/config/wireless.

Something like this.

cp -f /sd/wifi-profile-1 /etc/config/wireless 

You may have to bring the interface down and back up for it to associate.

Make sure to keep the beginning of that file intact though or it will break wlan0.

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cp -f /sd/starbucks /etc/config/wireless; wifi

adding the wifi command will bring your interfaces down then up and keep things working unlike "ifconfig wlan0 down" "ifconfig wlan0 up"

so you could connect in the web ui then use execute command to run

cp /etc/config/wireless /sd/[name of network]

and just set the name accordingly in both commands

also keep in mind this will change all settings having to do with wireless so if you use "free wifi" for your pineapples ssid name when you set a config it will be part of the file.

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