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How to Create a site like livestream


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So I play lacrosse at my local high school my team would like to watch our practice and game film online but the files we have of our games and practice are huge like 2-3gb and most places wont let you upload more then ten at a time with out charging large amounts of $ that we don't have. dose any one know of a program like livestream i can install on a old laptop or desktop with a 3-4tb external to play all the files so people can see them??

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I think the answer here is to learn a little bit about video editing and compression. There's likely a different video format that will be a little more bandwidth friendly.

There are definitely ways you could set up a computer to share that video online... but if the videos are huge and uncompressed, nobody in their right mind is going to stream them anyways.

When it comes to hosting video, you're going to have a hard time matching the performance and bandwidth capabilities of any of the big providers (youtube, vimeo, etc).

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