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Spy friend computer using Wireshark

Alang Ariff

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Hi guys. So basically my friend has been spying on me and my housmate's browsing on the internet using wireshark. He claims to do this to detect who is watcj=hing porn etc So, I need to do the same to discover malicious activities of his on the net to prove that he doesn't have the right to do so because he is just the same. I hope you guys understand I am just doing this as self defense. So, I need someone to help provide me with a step by step tutorial on how to do his using wireshark. All I can manage to do so far is view the packets from my own computer. Thank you :)

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Wired or wireless makes no difference if he is MITM'ing the traffic, your friend is watching your activity, doesn't sound like a very good friend to me. Only way to block it, use a VPN or Tunnel out of your home network. That, and kick the friend to the curb(and out of the house). Assume any site you've been on, he/she has your passwords, and can log into them as you, as well as read your email. Sniffing their traffic, is not a defense. Thats the pot calling the kettle black and also doesn't protect your data/privacy. You know enough to say your friend is using wireshark to watch you, figure the rest out on your own if you intend to do that reverse.

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Hi guys. So basically my friend has been spying on me and my housmate's browsing on the internet using wireshark.

The "friend" is intercepting all their traffic as it is.

Buy a new computer and don't allow him access it

That prevents the person from sniffing traffic on the new PC how? If the person is intercepting everyone else's traffic on the home LAN already, what does new vs old PC do to protect your data?
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things may not beas black and white as people here are presuming. for example:

- who is actually paying for the internet?

- have you had issues re: throttling which increased the relevancy about data downloads?

- has the matter of massive downloading been raised before, and matters of denial occuring?

this doesn't justify an invasion of privacy, but it creates a context wherein this "friend" of yours drops down a notch from being a total shit cunt to a plain old fashioned d1ck smoker.

if he is the latter, i would personally hog tie him and subject him to no less than 48 hours of psychological and sexual humiliation e.g taking turns urinating on him and force feeding him his own excrement. but that's simply IMHO -_-

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One machine directly to the modem, then yeah, roommate can't sniff it with no wifi or other connection to same LAN subnet(unless the modem is also a router and wifi AP, then well, more to work on), but without NAT of a router, your machine is then directly on the internet if on the modem itself, which in some ways may be worse(especially if your OS has upnp and default services running or IPv6 up), since now the whole world can scan your machine and have fun too. Bottom line, get the "friend" sniffing traffic, off the network, secure your workstations, and tunnel out of your own machine to the internet at all costs if its that bad where you are and you can't trust people in the same house.

Other thing is, what is the "friend" doing when you're not home? Live booting your machine and reading all your data? Who knows? All your data are belong to them..

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I am just curious why don't you have a switch or router on your network? Sure they can be ARP cache poisoned, but odds are your 'not friend' does not know how to do it. Would add another layer of protection to you.

Friends don't sniff friends fill in the blank ______.

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OP wants to know why he only sees his own traffic while rurnning wireshark. The rest is coloring. It's because you are on a switched network. You need ettercap or something to ARP poison so you are the MITM. That, or a throwing star LAN tap placed in between you and the internet. OTherwise you just get broadcast DHCP and Bounjor crap. If your friend watches you watch porn, he's gay. No straight guy would watch another one while he's spanking it.

Why are you watching porn live over the net anyway. You should already have a vpn to dl porn via torrents or risk getting sued, and that vpn would protect you from sniffing attacks locally.

You seriously need to have proof he's monitoring? Simply run the ettercap plugin that detects devices in promiscuous mode. There's also command line utils for it.

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