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Pineapple Stopped working, was working just fine.


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First of all, i just want to thank Darren and the whole Wifi Pineapple team for such a great device, and for all the help.

What is going on is that my pineapple mark5 was working just fine, when i got it my sd card that came with it was bad but i had a spare 2gb so i just added the two files and it flashed just fine, it was all working good as far as i could tell, i hadnt played with it in about 4 days becaue i was really busy, so today i powered it up, again all normal, and connected to it using my tablet, everytthing came up, i turned on both radios, and when i clicked on "configuration" the bunny came up and my tablet disconnected from it, i saw that it was no longer broadcasting, and now no matter what i do all i get is the green red and blue lights flashing simltanously, ive read the instructions on how to do a factory recovery witht he dip switches, again does not do anything, i checked my sd card all good there, i tryed doing the manual flash, but when i get it all hooked up and try to ping to it, it tells me the destination host is unreachable, and again just those three lights flashing over and over. any other ideas? thanks for the help guys.

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No, i connect it to my laptop through ethernet and add the static address of both the pineapple one ( and the (not at the same time of course) and put it into web interface mode and when i ping it gives me the "host is unreachable". and the red green and blue light just keep blinking, it was so weird because it was working just fine :(

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I wasnt getting anything, my machine said the cable was unpluged even though everything was ok, so i just for the heck of it, changed ac adapters ,to my Mark 4 ac adapter i noticed it was a 12v 1amp just like the mark 5 so i pluged it in, and everything works! guess my ac adapter went bad? oh well , i plugged my mark 5 adapter back into it and again, all i got was the red,blue,green lights blinking, then pluged the mark 4 back in and everything is solid. so yea bad ac adapter, sorry for the trouble guys!

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