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ICS over both radios


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Hi Folks

Need some help. I have downloaded wifi manager on to my MK V but i am having trouble sharig my internet connection over both radios.


wlan0 - rouge Ap

wlan1 - client mode wifi

trying to share internet from wlan1 to wlan0 but getting no where fast.

This did work once when i restore the device to defaults but since then i have been unable to get it working. from my laptop i can actually ping websites with this setup but when trying to navigate to pages i just get invalid address.

If anyone could shed some light would be most helpful

Many Thanks

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Are you still connected to the pineapple via ethernet? Setup the ICS and try rebooting the device without the ethernet connected, then connect via the rogue AP and see how that goes.

If that doesn't cure it, SSH to the pineapple and run

rm /etc/config/wireless && wifi detect > /etc/config/wireless && reboot

Then setup ICS and reboot again (no LAN cable).

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The Mk 5 doesn't need to be setup to ICS between the radios. It already does out of the box. The eth0 and wlan0 are on the LAN side and are bridged to create br-lan. Wlan1 is on the WAN side and provides whatever Internet is reached via client mode to the bridge. So don't go trying to tweak the ICS tab in WiFi Manager just yet.

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I'm not sure if this is related. However I am having sporadic problems with karma and "think" it may be due to a problem with ICS between wlan1 and Wlan0.

In my Syslog I get the following error consistently:

Pineapple daemon.warn dnsmasq-dhcp[1793]: no address range available for DHCP request via wlan1

I am assuming this means that the devices connecting to wlan0 are not getting proper IPs' assigned because the address pool for dhcp has not been configured. I apologize for my ignorance, and appreciate any help.


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