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Weird DNS Spoof Problem


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Hello Hak5 community! So lately i've gotten almost everything in my Mark V pineapple to work, except Karma and DNS spoof. Now I know there is a problem for people who has done a factory reset (like me) with karma and that the hak5 team is working hard on it. But DNS spoof is supposed to work. Now it has worked twice for me but it's really odd. So it worked then I tried to edit the spoof host file in windows and it stopped working. And no, the problem is not the ^M's in the spoof host file. My spoof host file looks fine when i nano into it. randomspoofsite.net

And it's also not that I haven't flushed my DNS since I chose completely random sites.

Now the weird thing is that one time (after i had changed the file in windows) it started working, totally randomly I didnt change my config or anything. Then I turned it off when i was going to sleep, next day when i turned it on DNS spoof didn't work again. Strange...

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What configuration are you running in? i.e. Laptop>wlan0(pineapple)>br-lan(pineapple)>wlan1(pineapple)>AP


AP>laptop ICS>eth0(pineapple)>br-lan(pineapple)>wlan0(pineapple)

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He seems to be aware of that thread, and DNSspoof works for me (granted I haven't tested in all possible configurations). Which is why I was asking about his configuration. I asked because I'm curious not because I think it might help him before the fix comes out. Maybe he believes that his issue being intermittant is different than just not working as in the other thread.

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