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SD card for Atheros 9331 chipset


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Good luck, wiring directly into the micro controller is not easy and not for the faint hearted.

Though both devices are running openwrt the kernels are set up differently, so I would advise against using the pineapples firmware files. Use Spazi's link above for the expansion board that adds a useful USB bus.

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Thank you for the link. However, the reason I'd like to use an SD card directly (as opposed to a usb expansion) is that I am taking advantage of the 703N's ability to turn off its USB port in order to conserve power. So if I need the extra space but want to turn off all attached USB devices, I can't really use a usb expansion board. Is it theoretically possible to replace the onboard flash chip with a micro sd?

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I have to say, I have no idea if it's possible since I'm not a electronics builder/geek. I guess everything is possible.

How about upgrading the onboard flash?


the guy who made the mod also sell them modded on ebay:


I did a read up, and I'm guessing that if you manage to mount a SD-card you have to change the firmware too. Just guessing.

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