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Product with insane speed?


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There is this interesting project that is somewhat similar to the ducky, yet claims to have better stealth and speed. I definitely think the ducky is better, but if we could harness this benefit, the ducky would be much better IMO.

Here it is: http://www.autorunusb.net/index.html (terrible website, btw)

How is this being done? Can the ducky do this?

Here is a video demonstrating it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oSWuCPWN1k

Here is more info:




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Maybe its using a flash-chip? as opposed to the sdcard? But then they do state that the storage-drive-mode is slow. The only thing that really slows down the Ducky, is waiting for Windows to load appropriate drivers.

And strangely it only works on Windows; opposed to the Multi-OS Ducky ;)

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sweet. ducky competition!! Nothing breeds innovation and for products to get better then some healthy competition.. Its a Duck war..Quack attack vs. the Solid Cloud..

It looks like they may have spent some more time on automating programs or scripts to run.. wonder if it'll bypass AV like the ducky can with its scripting. Hmm, theres seems more noobish or script kiddie-ish. I say Ducks unite and quack attack this motha in a showdown..!!!

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